Character design - Briefing

Sunday, 26 September 2010
Assessment Requirements

Part 1: Toon Force 80

We need to prepare a ‘Character Design & Animation Bible’ for three of the shows main characters – The Hero, The Villain, and The Sidekick. This encompassing source book will contain a synopsis of the show, expression sheets, and turnarounds for three all three characters.

Typically cartoons of the 1980s comprise multiple genres or a ‘mash up’ of ideas. Therefore each ‘artist’ will start with a random set of genres. These will be chosen by drawing two traditional ‘playing cards’ and using the ‘key’ below. If you draw a red suit, use the first result column, if it’s a black suit, use the second.
My themes are:

Arabian Nights & Pirates

Part 2: Assignments.

Each week you will be given an assignment to be completed for next week’s class. These will slowly increase your understanding of character design and add to your ‘Character Bible’.


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