The Bad Kids go to Hell - Thoughts

Sunday, 26 September 2010
Thanks to Matthew Spradlin for the gift and thanks to Alan for delivering it. Thanks to all people who worked on this comic book. I usually don’t read comics, but I think this one worth reading. Some thoughts:

#The artwork is great and very qualitative, I enjoyed every page.

#Vivid characters with strong personalities and own strong worldview; nasty hot sexy girls didn’t left me indifferent.

#Intriguing and catchy story grasps you ‘til the end. You can’t stop, you want more and more and then suddenly you realize that this is “the end”. The end wasn’t big surprise for me however the unpredictable ending element is a big advantage!

#Some realities of our life. Spoiled teenagers from rich families, which are arrogant and mentally unstable. “Money is not a goal, but supplement!”

#Revenge of the Indian descendants (!), I think, this is “curse” of American people. They will never forget it and will write about it again and again. And this is very good, we must know history, learn from it and don’t repeat mistakes.

Overall: I enjoyed it. Interesting and catchy story with perfect art in addition. Good, but not enough!


dope16yroldteen. andlovingitt.x said...

Basically everything you said in this blog, sums up Bad Kids Go To Hell to the core!
I love that!
Nice review too.

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