Character Design - 01

Monday, 27 September 2010

Character Design - plot for show

Everything takes place in Arabian Nights realm.

Idea 1

The main pirate-hero was drawn into a whirlpool and appeared in a different world. He tries to escape this world, however, there is one who wants to stop him and kill (Djinn (Efreet) Villain). Sidekick is his old pet, who becomes intelligent and can speak.

Idea 2

Strange portals are opened for many years, thousand of mighty warriors tried to find a way to close it, but unsuccessful. The sacred mission of main hero is to kill the beast that killed his father many years ago! After a shipwreck the pirate-hero finds out that creature from beyond attacked them and this is the same creature that killed his father. His sidekick is a small loyal creature ice mephit from beyond.

Idea 3

The Arabian pirate-Villain in the end of his life he understands that he was wrong and returns back to the past. He wants to correct mistakes of his youth.

Idea 4

The cursed pirate is trying to find a cure. He is trying to understand why he was cursed and for what. The only way to do this is to find the “person” who cursed him and kill him or synthesize a cure from his bone. Pirate’s sidekick is a wise snake which gives him advices in difficult situations. (another option: a silly mephit)

Ideas are drawn from different films and stories. For example: Samurai Jack, H.P.Lovecraft novels and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Influence map:


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