Narrative project - Briefing

Sunday, 26 September 2010

1.A short animated film trailer of no more than 2 minutes in length.
Animation name: "Revenge of the radioactive bunny from hell"
2.Film must be16:9 in aspect ratio
3.For marketing purposes please submit three ‘stills’ at 300dpi.

This is group project, therefore for our stuido we need to:

1. Form an animation studio and submit an entry to the ‘Retro-Fest’ animation festival for review by a panel of judges.
2. Establish a brand identity: Studio name, logo, ident, business card(s).
3. Studio Blog: Create a studio blog which professionally presents the productions creative progress to the public and promotes studios brand identity.
4. Business plan: Produce a costing of the amount of finance needed to produce an independent short. Including, minimum personal salary, production length, and render time and software (studio accommodation & computers are provided free of charge).
5. Delegate project management roles: Who is responsible for – Direction, Art Direction, Communication & Meetings, Administration, Time management, Studio blogging, and Marketing.
6. Marketing: Plan and instigate an online marketing campaign utilising viral techniques, teaser trailers, and your brand identity.
7. Delegate pre-production roles: Who is responsible for Story development, Script, Voice work, Concept Art, Character Design, R&D, Story boards, Pre-viz and camera movement.
8. Delegate production roles: Who is responsible for, character modelling, set modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, effects, rendering, and sound (Foley).
9. Delegate post-production roles: Who is responsible for, compositing, editing, sound, and formatting. The production of a marketing (Press Junket) package, a making of document, online marketing, and a film.

Objective 2: As an Individual…

 Maintain my personal blog: Keep an up-to-date blog throughout the 15 week period.
 Complete all technical tutorials and uploaded them to your personal blog.

Project Timetable…

1 -5: Script Writing & Pre-production. Week 5 will be the final studio
‘pitch & sign off’. The following system will apply,

5 - 10: Production (Week 10/11 = The Interim Review).
11 - 15: Rendering, Post-Production, & Submission

Assessment Check List…

Studio Submissions:
Completed short film.
Submission documentation.
Three 300dpi ‘stills’
‘Press Junket’ and Poster.
‘A making of’… Document.
An up-to-date Studio Blog

Individual Submissions:

My up-to-date individual blog.
All technical tutorials uploaded to my individual blog.


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