Car modelling 07

Monday, 29 November 2010

Car modelling 06

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Arabian Legends - Character Design project

Here is my character bible for the Character Design project.

Character Bible Final


Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I didn't decide which bg use to present work.


Slaan character


Slaan in the character bible book.

Slaan WIP

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Syrus _Wip

Fixed proportions a little bit.

Syrus - WIP

Monday, 15 November 2010
 I've started modelling my own head. It was challenging even after cartoon character. I've tried various methods and finally found one.
On this screen he looks like gorilla.
 This one wrong and without ear.
 Insect like.

 Finally, I've got something that looks more like human, mm, maybe mutant human.
 Ear is the most annoying thing, but I'm glad I could make it.And found a really quick way to do.
 I've tried different types of heads, I know that they are all wrong, but
1. I don't have time for perfectionism
2. I don't have enough knowledge
3.I don't have time and already don't care.
 Hands. Indeed.
 I know it is WIP, but I wanted to connect everything and look at him.
 I think today-tomorrow he will be finished!
I also need change neck and work on the head more.

Well, I need UV him and try to rig. Maybe in the last few days, maybe not.

P.s. I know, that heads are not perfect, I know they are ugliest thing you ever seen, but I this is probably best I could do...for now.

Cartoon Character

Dracula (1958) - Terence Fisher

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This is one of the film interpretations about Dracula. However, in this case they’ve mixed heroes from other sages about vampires. To be honest, there are so many versions of the Dracula nowadays. So, you can’t say for sure which one is the right. However, the book is more interesting than film. If you are interested in you can find it here.

I was surprised to see familiar faces of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Everyone knows Christofer Lee’s characters: Saruman from Lord of the Rings and Count Dooku. And Peter Cushing’s character is legendary Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars universe, who is more famous by books rather by films. This added many pluses to my perception during the viewing.

Generally, I liked atmosphere of this film, décor was incredibly beautiful. I know that sometimes you can see, that everything is fake, but I tried not to mention all these nuances and watching beautiful film.
I’m looking forward for the next session. The interest is growing exponentially.

House of Wax (1953) - André De Toth

The ‘house of wax’ was the first 3D film from a major studio – Warner Brothers. The CG is quite good for the period, however, it shows how not to use it to the contemporary audience.

“It’s one of the great Hollywood stories,” Price recalled. “When they wanted a director for [a 3D] film, they hired a man who couldn’t see 3D at all! Andre de Toth was a very good director, but he really was the wrong director for 3D.” © Steve Biodrowski

It was first horror film shot in the stereoscopic process. The film, also, was shot in color, which was a rare thing for the horror films of the period. It is historically important, because it established Vincent Price as a horror star. However, I wasn’t familiar with this actor and could even remember none of his films.

This film is a good representation of the term ‘Uncanny Valley’. According to Sigmund Freud ‘The Uncanny’ related to something frightful, to what arouses dread and horror; equally, the word is not always used in a clearly definable sense, so that it tends to coincide with what excites fear in general.

When Sue visited the wax exhibition she saw a statue of Joan of Ark it was the speaking image of her dead friend Cathy. Sue was frightened for death however everyone assured her that it was just a masterpiece. According to Freud there is something common that allows us to distinguish Uncanny within the frightening. It can be proposed that the horror part of this film has been achieved by the use of the ‘Uncanny’.
The narrative part is also strong and straightforward. I think, the eerie atmosphere and uncanny bias are perfect settings for the story about obsessed wax sculptor.

I recommend this film to people who didn’t have a chance to watch it.

Char.Des - WIP

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sleeveless Jacket - Syrus WIP

Thursday, 4 November 2010
 Nothing special, leather jacket. It is not perfect, but also not something terrible and generic.

Next - Shirt

Any advices and directions are welcome.

p.s. Рома aka Nero aka Ромашка, если ты это читаешь, напиши, что ты думаешь, мне твое мнение важнее всех =).

8 bits

Good night!

Wonderful animation from french animation school Supinfocon. Nostalgia.
p.s. No meaning, but still lovely - everything in performance

Syrus - WIP

Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Learning modelling character and consolidating achievements which I had with cartoon character modelling. This process will be Maya to Zbrush. I think, I'm not capable of making everything in Zbrush at this stage. I like the method of Mark Dedecker to model his character, but still I don't have a certain level for this. 

This is too blocky, but I don't want to go for details yet...I actually don't worry too much about him, because this is my first character and by default it must be wrong.

CC - Arm

Tuesday, 2 November 2010