Thursday, 29 September 2011
I want to tell this story with the colors.Warm, earth colors  - imaginary world, cold, industrial colors - real world.

In one of the shots two worlds must merge together  for a second, I decided not to change shapes, but add cold colors in imaginary world by bringing storm clouds, or change weather, or change colors in general like solar eclipse.

The next decision I've made were mountains. The airship will flight above the mountains in the imaginary world. I, also, thought of mountains on the background in the real world, but I need here contrast too, so I've decided to add skyscrapers. Obviously, because mountains are nature's creations and skyscrapers human's.

Storyboard v01

This storyboard shows camera movement, events and general idea. If I receive green line, I will do pre-viz and work with the shots and actions more.

I've changed structure, because I need to deliver my message more clearly, however, there is still work to do, to tell this story even more better.


Saturday, 24 September 2011
I understood that my project isn't strong enough in terms of concept and there are a bunch of holes in it. I've used wrong metaphors to deliver a message of my animation. Now I'm reconsidering my project: message, approach and entourage. And what is more important my goal in this project. It shouldn't take long time and I hope I will update with more clear idea soon. At the moment, I'm a little bit lost. 

ScirptDraft - One of Many

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Road in the middle of nowhere
There are few damaged telegraph poles near destroyed road. A small scorpion is trying to cross it over. He is moving towards inactive windmill turbines and mountains which covered the background.
Suddenly, scorpion gets squished by a man’s boot.
Sick and tired man is directing his dot-and-go-one walk towards his home. His clothes are worn-out and dirty.

Ext. House

Our sight is attracted by the post-apocalyptic house, John Carmack style, which stands by the road. The man enters the house.

Int. House

He sits behind the desk and starts doing something. The camera refocuses on the room to show its details. The old plates weren’t washed for months, empty bottles, papers, boxes and different garbage are scattered everywhere. Flies hovering above the rotten food.
Now we are able to see his desk and himself more closely. He fills the flask with green liquid and injects it in his eye. This is the first time we can see his face closely. The camera zooms in his eye.

Ext. Airship (Illusion) 

The airship is flying above the hills and mountains. It has no steering control and only god knows where it goes. The man sits on the upper deck in the chair and feels good. He doesn’t look sick anymore, he smiles. Everything seems to be so far away. Colors are saturated and the view is distorted in this part of illusion. 

Int. House

The trip is over. The man injects with shaking arms another flask. The trip continues.

Ext. Airship

Same airship and environment, however, this time colors a little bit desaturated distortion is more obvious. The ship flies away and leaves us with ambiguity and unanswered questions.

Int. House

Close up camera shows us a dead face of the man. His eyes are deadly white. Without transition it zooms out the character’s face to the room and the house itself. We are able to see the lonely house in the middle of nowhere.


Every house has its own house spirit,

Sunday, 18 September 2011

V. beautiful animation.

One of Many - Airship Sketch

Saturday, 17 September 2011
A small sketch of airship "Баян".
Every person has it's own representation of freedom: money, motorcycle, car, thinking that they think differently, etc. I've chosen for my character an airship. It is romantic and beautiful in its own way.

I used syringe form to reflect addiction of my character. The airship represents both freedom and despair at the same time.

The act will take place in an illusion. Every illusion gives escape and some kind of freedom, however it is uncontrollable condition. Therefore this airship doesn't have a control column. And no one knows where it can lead and there is no escape too (only jump).

This is only a quick sketch. So, not much details there, just an idea.

OST - One of Many

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
I've written and recorded in collaboration with my friend Igor Ljapin a soundtrack for my future animation (minor project One of Many). Thanks to Vladimir Skrebnev and Igor Lumbe for the Studio.