Major Project

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Nothing. Still nothing. I spoke with Alan and he decided that the most appropriate project for me would be illustration. Well, I think I agreed with him.
Yes Illustration. The goal will be to express simple idea in one still 3d image. I'm reading books, looking different art and trying to find something. In other words - still nothing.


Alan Postings said...

Alex - One suggestion I can give you that would help you get past your current 'creative block' is to simply be more positive. In other words 'drop the negativity'. I understand that ideas aren't coming to you at the moment but your approach is causing that - You can't see the wood for the trees. I also can't believe you have had no ideas (however small).

Re-read your post, it doesn't exactly read as though it was written by a 'go get it enthusiastic creative professional' does it? It's time to turn this around Alex. Start posting ideas however small or insignificant they seem to you right now. Thats when discussions happen and new ideas are formed. Get things out of your head and into a public space.

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