Major Project - Research#4

Monday, 27 February 2012


tutorphil said...

Hey Alex - you know, I can't help observing that everything is getting a bit, well, a bit generic here. I think you've skipped a rather fun and exploratory stage. The 'shape extraction' bit - when you looked at famine sufferers looked to be taking you into some interesting places, but now, well, you appear to be fixing on a very 'european while male' design paradigm. I want you to be a bit more adventurous than this, Alex - otherwise, what's the point, I wonder?

The first thing I'd try, would be to take some strong, structural images of malnourishment/famine etc into photoshop, and from photos, turn them into 'architectural' forms by using levels etc to knock-out the detail - just leaving the lines and shapes etc. and then starting mirroring them, combining them, repeating them and layering them, until I started to generate something appreciably structural. I don't think just by 'drawing a building' you're going to find an interesting building. However, for inspiration in regard to just how speculative and innovative an architectural drawing might be, please check out the drawings of Lebbeus Woods... be inspired, and do something more bold and theatrical in the first instance, or doom yourself to genericism. Obviously, you can take structural cues from existing architectural styles, but in the first instance, I'd dial up the artistic license.

anewman said...

I feel really stupid, because I'm really confused. Because,

1. You are showing me the pictures that I have seen and even have in my research posted. What is the point ?
2. I'm doing almost the same thing. The generic structures are only for the base shape, then I'm going to change them and apply different "famine stuff". Of course I will try your method too, build structure out of bodies etc.

But this message sounds to me, that i'm doing everything completely wrong.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Alex,

I'm jumping in here to be the voice of reason. Both the method I suggested, you suggested, and the method Phil suggested are valid. Combine a bit of all to get the answer.

Use the combination of actual architecture and bones to build interesting silhouettes. You can do this as a whole building or as a detail (such as a window). The common theme though is to work abstractly first to find interesting and original forms.

anewman said...

Understood. Consider it done.

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