Sunday, 13 March 2011




JOLANTA said...

the effect is nicely worked out, it seems to me.
though you said you''ll have lots of postproduction, so I imgine you''ll be tweaking it a lot there.

the room doesn't look illogical to me atleast :D
but. The I would say the ground texture needs scaling... only to make the room appear bigger. And maybe the wall with bricks as well.. I don't know, it just feels a bit like "Doolhouse" ( not barby house, Alex :D )
Sort of like stop-motion animation world.

anewman said...

"only to make the room appear bigger."
it must look small, to create a feeling of discomfort and closed space...but I know what you mean, some people say that too, that I need scale floor and bricks. But you know "the perfect is an enemy of a good" :) But I'll give it a try, anyway I need to fix one mistake :).

I don't know about lots of, but there will be postproduction, mainly on the lighting and effects.
I also will tweak the objects in the room, maybe add something. But for me it look good. Everything is working. Maybe add something in terms of composition, but I don't want to overload it with unnecessary objects.

And thank you for the comment :) I recieve not so many of them, so it is always a pleasure to have one :) especially thoughtful and useful :)

exeshe4ki said...

You doing well, Sancho! Keep moving.

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