Houston we've got a problem

Friday, 25 March 2011
So, I couldn't render my scenes in the uni. Firstly, there were problems with importing projects. Then Maya couldn't read files from sourceimages (WTF?). Thanks to Jolanta and Tom I solved these problems. The solution was just to safe them again with different names.  Then without any normal message Maya refused batch render my scenes.

That's how ended my day. Well, I think, Tutor Alan will help me on tuesday and hopefully I can render most heavy scenes.
Anyway good day, because I've learned good hints from Tom, which for some reason uni doesn't teach us. (poker face)

p.s. Jolanta you should stay I would give you my account for rendering.


JOLANTA said...

AAww, so at the end of the end of the day maya decided not to let you render :/ what a B**ch :/
But no, I wasn't going to render any more scenes anyway, as maya was a b**ch for me too and I have some problems to solve :/

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