Sunday, 27 March 2011

I have few problem: in render view Maya shows 1min30seconds per frame, but when I'm starting batch render the render time increases up to 5 min per frame.

I hope someone will help me with the Rendering in uni, because otherwise I will not finish project. This is only statement of fact nothing more.


Tom Beg said...

Have you made sure it's using all your processors power when Batch Rendering?

You can check this in the Task Manager under the performance tab. If itis saying 100% for your CPU usage then that's good as it's using all available power.

If not, then under the Batch Render options for mental ray, uncheck 'Auto Render threads' and type in the amount of the processors your PC has.

Hope this helps.

tutorphil said...

Hey Alex,

The vignette you're using (the frame around the edge?) it seems very heavy-handed to me - don't smother your scene!

anewman said...
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