Candle effect

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

By the way, I fixed the size of the floor and bricks. Also, added some dirts on the bricks.
I have two spot lights from the "door" in the floor and from the window. Another idea is to set up a basic lighting and the rest make in postproduction.
There will never be a satisfaction, but I'm quite happy (a little bit) with the result.


tutorphil said...

looking much more atmospheric now - but I think your floorboards are still too 'wet-looking' and too corrugated - can you calm them down a bit? They'd be covered in some dust, that would give them a more matte appearance? Oh - nice creepy candle flame too.

JOLANTA said...

You don't even need to write that scaling is changed etc. it just fweels that something was 'corrected' . Now definitely this looks THAT much greater.
Oh allso, I like the choose of lighting personaly :]

Alan Postings said...

You need to add a Specular map to the floor and lower the bump. Remember - Be subtle in you approach to texturing.

anewman said...

Thank you v. much for advices.

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