Wednesday, 9 February 2011
We are the film characters
Where are no directors, no make-up artists,
No operators, no lighting designers no,
Where all actors are employed
And has its own role, ultimate priority and text.

We are the film character,
Without front cover, sentimentality, intrigues
And no accompaniment
Where is no lie nor truth,
Where everything is clear
Story line is the major line
Life - one big script
created by ourselves,
not written, but memorized.
And we don't know the ending,
however charging and shooting,
shooting, shooting ... action!

We are the film characters
On the black and white type
And playing delicately
Almost seamless
Without static shots
One big race
Without close-ups, everything in vista shot,
From the distance

We are the film character.
Almost silent movie.
With various special effects and tricks,
Without stunt persons and dublicates
And only one shot
One careless movement:
Stop, thanks, cut!

We - film characters
Not television serial
There will be end and no happy ending
We are the film characters
It is shame that there are few good films...

Sorry for primitive english and mistakes. In this case it doesn't matter.
Бог простит.


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