Friday, 25 February 2011

Here are the variations of the attic. Attic has enough furniture for abandoned place, however, I thought to add a cupboard. But later I decided that I would add some household stuff like boxes, plates, bags, etc.

Next question is "one or two windows?". Two allow me to place the fireplace in right positions, because on the second and third pictures it has illogical position (fireplace in the roof ?), but here it is in focal point. On the first we are not able to recognise it quickly.

To conclude:


tutorphil said...

looking promising, Alex - yes, you just need to add interest with some trunks, crates and maybe mirrors too? Mirrors are always good, because as you'll remember from the 'uncanny', they are far from neutral objects; likewise, old portraits - you could have some paintings half covered; and the other thing that might work nicely would simply be some objects covered in dust sheets - be sure to give your foreground some thought - i.e., objects for looking between, over, or through - to give the audience the impression of being 'in' and 'surrounded' by stuff,,,

anewman said...

What about fireplace? Actually, I accepted a fireplace on the Attic which is nonsense from engineering point of view. On the first picture it is somehow works, but on the 2nd and 3rd.

And windows ? Lovecraft has 2 windows, but I rather put one. First of all, one pentagram is good, but two are too much. Secondly, the attics are famous for one scary small/big windows.

Just thoughts.

mirrors and paintings?
I'll try. I can see an old mirror next to the table :).

anewman said...

About pentagram:
One way is rotate it and create baphomet
The second one, which I prefer more is delete some part of it and make it incomplete. This will be a good reference to the "Faust"

Mephistopheles. Let me own up! I cannot go away;
A little hindrance bids me stay.
The Witch's foot upon your sill I see.
Faust. The pentagram? That's in your way?
You son of Hell explain to me,
If that stays you, how came you in today?
And how was such a spirit so betrayed?
Mephistopheles. Observe it closely! It is not well made;
One angle, on the outer side of it,
Is just a little open, as you see.

But the second one will say that evil came from somewhere :) All about context... Alright, it is silly.

tutorphil said...

This is an example of a fireplace in a servant's attic - it does make sense here because it's very plain and basic...

Also - yes, one window - makes visual sense - more iconic.. And context is never silly!

anewman said...

Yes, because it is located on the bearing wall. Not in the roof! So, I need to reconsider its position.

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