The Table

Saturday, 12 February 2011
Well, I've created a table only to understand that I don't need complicated one. Because table must ascetic, primitive and massive. It must look simple and rough for this case. Also, there will be different details on it. So that, it will create contrast. Simple with florid.


JOLANTA said...

I don't know Alex.. to me it looks like there are problems with scaling?
This table feels a bit weird. But then, I don't know, maybe you're going for that

godwino said...

yer very strange looking table alex. looks like a coffin. now that JJ mentions it the top dose look a little thin and small.

anewman said...

"This table feels a bit weird." "problems with scaling"
Agree, but, unfortunately, it should be like this. But as I said the form itself does not fit the Howard's story. Well, I'll do another one it is not a problem after all. I think table must be a table :) squarish with 4 legs.

Thanks for the comments.

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