Attic chamber WIP

Saturday, 19 February 2011
This is rough preview of attic. I was curious how everything is working together. Actually, it works, nonetheless details are missing. I'm almost ready to start texturing and doing some VFX pre-viz's.

Any ideas and advices about furniture placement are welcome.


tutorphil said...

Hey Alex,

You know - I have a bit of a problem with those devil women on the fireplace; they're just not beautiful enough somehow - they seem like they've been plucked too much from your imagination, as opposed to in response to an actual period or style of sculpture or bronze casting: you've obviously worked hard on them, but they feel to 'haunted house' and not European enough: consider:

These are all examples of the art nouveau style.

And also, from Cocteau's celebrated 'La Belle et la Bete' :

(watch from about 6 mins in...)

More elegance, Alex - in when it comes to the evil stuff - otherwise it can feel a bit adolescent...

anewman said...

Thanks, I'll work on her!

anewman said...

I think it was yesterday, today I think this is horrible in all ways :). (about that thing)

tutorphil said...

I don't understand you, dark duke... (about that thing what?) What thing? *tutorphil's confused face*

anewman said...

ahaa..."That thing" is a woman.

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