Char.Design und Zbrush - erste Schritte

Sunday, 31 October 2010
 Later or sooner we all will start learning Zbrush, therefore I decided to start it now and maybe on the third year I will be able to create something. The key word - Something :).

One thing: it is hard as quant physics or I am dumb.
Interface is incredibly unfriendly, but after 10 hours I started to get use to it.

I am also working on my character - Syrus. You can see side and front view on the screen.

That's what I'm doing every day apart from Anatomy learning and Maya tutorials.

p.s. It is the right time to start writing essay.


godwino said...

thats cool, Alex cant wait to see the finished model

tutorphil said...

Hey Alex - how about putting together a post in which you showcase your character designs properly? They're looking really good and yet, they're somehow squirrelled away. I would like other students to be able to see them! Sort it. Pretty please.

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