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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another attempt to draw Syrus. Now he looks more like a pirate.

Hero – pirate

Name: Syrus

Syrus is a pirate, who undertook the journey to the eastern lands and islands for a magical ruby, which he thinks will make him a very wealthy and famous pirate in the world. Syrus isn’t an example of kindness, however, his heart is not evil and he never was a cruel or unjust to other people. He is hard, but he is fair. He’s always look calm and his common smile forces people to make false impression about him. However, he is the deadliest scimitar master among all pirates of the west and perhaps of the world. Some people say, that he can reflect even bullet or arrow with his two deadliest scimitars. That is why he was one of the most respectable pirates on the ship. As a melee fighter he doesn’t accept range weapons and he is skeptical and disrespectful about people who use them.

After incident with magical ruby and the Djinn, Syrus personality is changing in time.

Djinn kills all crew (except one - Slaan, because he is not a human being) and destroys the ship by interpreting in his way Syrus’ wish. Syrus swears that he will find a way to destroy him no matter what it takes. The two survivors built a small ship and made a trip to the closest continent, where he could find a food and information. The journey changes him a little bit. He doesn’t see the true value in treasure however his old nature doesn’t disappear. Slaan and Syrus discover information about Genie’s nature and his goals. They find in a secret cemetery of the dead kings in an Arabian kingdom a prophecy:

The pure soul will take a Thanatos ruby and

Spell three words: Nigurath Shub Bahim

And will enclose the demon in that ruby forever.

They together will try to save the world. Can they make it? We will see.

Age: 20-25 years

Race: Human

Height: 173 cm

Body Type: sinewy, agile.

Face Type: Calm, average with barely perceptible smile, intelligent

Eyes color: Grey

Hair: Bald or short haircut

Clothing Style: Pirates boots, pens, bandana on the neck, shirt, leather belt, two scimitars Twinkle and Sunset.

Speaking Style: Calm and deep voice

General Demeanor: Unsociable, sometimes arrogant, kind to his friends and people who loves.

Career: Pirate, adventurer.

Prejudices: Hates ranged weapon thinks that people who use it are weak.

Best Qualities: Skillful, rational, kind, ready to kill for a close person.

Worst Qualities: Arrogant, love to easy money, selfish,

Weaknesses: Cannot use ranged weapon, his friend his weakness and strength.

Sidekick – Lizard folk

Name: Slaan

Slaan belongs to lizard folk race – the race of the slaves. But he managed to escape and promised to himself that he would find a way to free his race. He is becoming a thug. He earns respect on the streets and becoming a respectable thug, but this is not what he wanted. The rumors on the street say that one of the famous pirates is deciding to take a journey to the eastern lands and he need a few members in his crew. Slaan sees a great opportunity for better life in eastern lands. He finds Syrus and after Trial he is becoming one of the pirates.

Slaan is arrogant and cruel person. Moreover he is skeptical and always makes sarcastic jokes. He is extremely brave and some people think his braveness boards with insanity. People don’t like him, most of all, because of his appearance. But they don’t know that Slaan isn’t that bad in his heart and he is more complicated than just a simple reptile as many people think. Syrus was able to see a great man inside reptile and they became friend.

Age: 121 year

Race: Lizard folk

Height: 180 cm

Body Type: reptile like, sinewy, agile, green skin, body covered with scales.

Face Type: sly, sometimes sad

Eyes color: Yellow

Hair: scales

Clothing Style: Pirates boots, pens, leather waistcoat, belt, sword, throwing knives. (sometimes in a big cities wears a cloak with hood)

Speaking Style: Hissing speech

General Demeanor: Unsociable, very arrogant, reckless, kind to his friends and people who he loves.

Career: Pirate, adventurer.

Prejudices: Hates most of the humanity.

Best Qualities: Skillful, kind, ready to kill for a close person, brave

Worst Qualities: Arrogant, reckless, selfish, skill to make sarcastic jokes

Weaknesses: A powder of Skuuma, he cannot live without it.

After incident with magical ruby and Djinn, Slaan sees the chance to free his race. He thinks, if he will save the world, maybe he can show people that lizard folk are not a threat and they can live among other people.

Villain – Genie (Djinn)

Name: No name

To the people of Arabia, the Djinn was neither cute not funny. It was something else entirely. It was the face of fear itself. One who wakes the Djinn will be given three wishes. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn will be freed to rule the earth. The Djinn has unlimited power and cannot be killed. But he is only able to use the powers when some asks him for something. But be careful to make a wish, because one wrong word and Djinn can turn it against you. He doesn’t need Syrus dead, he needs his wishes. Actually, he can't kill anyone. Not unless someone wish me to. But also he must gather 616 souls to fulfill the prophecy therefore he is taking a human form and beguiling, provoking and deceiving people to make a wishes. Everyone wants something!

First form:

Age: unknow, approx 5000 years, but it doesn’t affect his look

Race: Djinn (Genie)

Height: Variable

Body Type: Massive, huge-muscled arms and body, tattoo on the neck, green skin, levitating his lower part of the body consisting of particles.

Face Type: Dreadful

Eyes color: Yellow

Hair: Bold with a Djinni pony tail

Clothing Style: Big ruby on his neck

Speaking Style: Loud deep voice

General Demeanor: Asks to make a wish

Career: Wishmaster

Prejudices: Hates all humanity

Best Qualities: invulnerability, unlimited power

Worst Qualities: Can act only if someone asks him

Weaknesses: None

Second form:

Height: 160cm

Body Type: Skinny, old, tattoo on his neck

Face Type: artful, attracting face features, something magical about him.

Eyes color: Variable

Hair: Bold

Clothing Style: Merchant style. Cloak and waist-belt, staff with the skeleton arm with the ruby

Speaking Style: Deep voice, calm, relaxing, friendly

General Demeanor: Asks to make a wish

Career: Wishmaster

Prejudices: Hates all humanity

Best Qualities: invulnerability, unlimited power, friendly

Worst Qualities: can act only if someone asks him

Weaknesses: None


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