Monday, 25 October 2010
Finished Watching Gnomon DVD by Puddnhead.

Puddnhead is a concept development artist living in Hollywood, who has worked for Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Records, FOX, Columbia Pictures, Vivendi Universal, Imaginary Forces, Hasbro, New Line Cinema, Sierra Games, Troika Games, Electronic Arts, Interplay Entertainment, Black Isle Studios, Big Huge Games, and Wizards of the Coast to name a few. Some of the films that Puddnhead has worked on are Blade 3, Hellboy, Spider-Man 2, Harry Potter 3, Van Helsing, Dreamcatcher, Cat in the Hat, Identity, Daredevil, The Hulk, Elektra, Pirates of the Caribbean, Darkness Falls and Charlie's Angels 2. Puddn' has also worked on the redesign of the Dreamworks logo, and developed designs for the "Return of the Mummy" ride at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Florida.

In this DVD, Puddnhead shows you how to transform a pencil drawing into a digital painting using Corel Painter. He reveals every step of his process, from underpainting to the finished rendering. Puddnhead shows all of his tricks for creating a better glow by combining tools and layering, painting better edges, rendering small details, adding more life to your paintings, implementing advanced lighting, creating mood and emotion, and knowing when a painting is finished.

Description taken from Gnomon official website.

You can buy this DVD on Gnomon official website or here.

It is useful and captiviting DVD even for the artist who doesn't have good skills (like me). Puddnhead gives a lot of useful hints how to paint realistic characters in painter. He also used photoshop for color correction and hsv correction. I think with the practise and Gnomon tutorials I can achieve something. I am glad that concept artist like puddnhead are sharing their knowledge. ( not all and for money, ofcourse, but still)

Some screenshots:


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