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Sunday, 31 October 2010
Doing this only for degree.

Step1: Research.
First of all, I have build my character in the head. His body shape, ability and size. Then, I've searched for image references via google. I had some written thoughts how he should look, but I didn't know how look for example pirate's boots or shirt in details. I've created few reference images:
 I like this kind of boots, but I thought I could change them a little bit, adding some details.

I like scimitars, not generic swords. First of all, because they are elegant and I associate them with agility and speed.

Then I recalled one interesting film - Cutthroat Island with Geena Davis in main role.

I watched it again and figure out appearance of my character. I know, that Geena's character is female. Indeed. But who cares, if I can translate this into man. So that sleeveless leather jacket, shirt and belt came from this film.

Step 2: Studying
Actually, this is not Step 2, it is Step 0, because I started it stright away after briefing. To be honest, anatomy, character design is really hard to learn and it is not something that you can understand even in a ten months. I am talking for myself and this is my opinion and if you are genius and can learn it for 2 days, I don't mind. I know that I don't post my studies. Why ? 
1. If you are talking about blog as a professional face, I rather not show my crap things.
2. I don't have scanner, therefore, I am not able to post them stright away after studies, when I have enthusiasm to post them. Soon, I will find comfortable way to do this and you will wonder how often I can post.
I've managed to scan some pages from sketch pad:

You see my drawing are the weakest(!) thing I ever seen, therefore I use references for my character. Like figures of a skeleton and man. I know this is a little bit cheating, but when you have lack of knowledge it is the only way to reach good results.

Sometime I just copy them. But don't think it is easy, it is hard, especially when you don't understand what the hell are you doing. But : Picasso once said, Good artists copy, great artists steal.

I'm also watching DVD tutorials from Glenn Vilppu. He is an amazing person and he give basic knowledge of anatomy. This gives basic understanding, like "why this part must be shaded and this not"

Step 3: Syrus Character

And finally I started working on characters. Slaan, Djinn, Syrus. I will show Syrus, because others are not ready yet, I can continue only when I take wacom tablet from uni.

 I took as an example one of my references from influence map. Then Created basic shape.
 Then added skeleton.

 Then started draw them and refine and refine and refine. I took good people's consultations from 3Dand2D world, Also Alan helped me, with basic form, but it was a little bit later. So this is long process from redrawing from references, asking people, then refine then etc

Then added another layer and painted black for contrast, also later added arm, for modelling.

I repeat I can not draw, because I DON'T UNDERSTAND, maybe now you will get it. I just want to understand it, not copying etc. And this is result of tedious work of refining, copying, asking etc which takes a lot of time. Therefore I want to model it, I believe this method will help me and this is good opportunity to learn Zbrush.

Generally, I like this project, even if I started from 0 level. I like learning and giving everything to learn more. But result is important too generally for grade. Sometimes I wonder how many things I must learn and how many things I don't know and don't understand.

So, this is it. As I said, soon I will find way to post often this so called "progress".


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