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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Many proficient pirates took a journey to the east ocean for a magical ruby. But only one succeeded – his name is Syrus. When Syrus finds it on an abandoned island he touches the jewel. Suddenly, it brakes and releases a powerful creature – Genie. Genie tells him that he has three wishes. Syrus recklessly spends two wishes and gains treasure. However, he doesn’t rush to make his third wish. Later, he finds out that if he makes his wish, genie will take his soul and whole world will be doomed. Of course, Syrus doesn’t care about the whole world, but he doesn’t want to be in a hell after death. He is trying to find a way to undo his mistake. During his researches he loses friends and everyone he loved because of the genie who wants his “third wish”. Syrus is changing and becoming a hero. He decides to stop him no matter what and this is not only because of himself. He finds in a secret caves and cemeteries of the dead kings in an Arabian kingdom an ancient script:

The pure soul will take a Thanatos ruby and

Spell three words: Nigurath Shub Bahim

And will enclose the demon in that ruby forever.

Also, he releases from imprisonment a lizard/snake-like creature Slaan, who becomes a loyal friend.

The world’s faith lies on the shoulder of the pirate Syrus and his new friend Slaan.


He is a skilled, brave and agile pirate. He starts from a scoundrel pirate who doesn’t care about anything except easy money and himself and ends as a real hero. In the end of the show he will sacrifice himself to kill the Genie.

His favorite weapon is the scimitar and he carries two nicknamed Twinkle and Sunset.

Sidekick Slaan:

Slaan is lizardfolk he is very funny and optimistic character. He is always mocking in a good way the main character if he gets in a stupid situation during their journey, especially with women. Slaan must wear a cloak with a hood, because his nature is not welcome in towns.


First of all, Genie is a good choice that represents Arabian Nights realm. He hasn’t got a body, however he can easily materialize into a human-like creature. He spends almost all his time in that form. His body covered with a strange fluorescent tattoos, he wields a staff with a skeleton arm that holds a jewel. This is the same jewel that he was released from and it’s working as a “soulbox”.


The show takes place in different environments, however three major will be:

  1. An Arabian Nights Town or City, where character can take supplies and receive information about Thanatos.
  2. His ship. Note: Slaan can’t stand this way of travelling.
  3. Mystical islands and magical world-traps that will set Genie.

Tomorrow I will share my idea with Justin I hope he gives a good feedback.


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