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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The talanted young man Shane Acker made a ten-minute film in 2005. Being an architect, Acker made a postapoplectic macabre in his spare time, in which horrible mechanical monsters fought against defendless dolls. It was so good, that Acker was offered to get into shape and make a full-lenght animation film. In 09.09.09 the film had seen the light. It was produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov.

Finally, watched it today.

The plot takes place in the beginning of the twenties – first world war. Once upon a time there was a great inventor, who created military machines. They were good, but soulless. In order to make them better, the inventor had found how to equip them with souls. However, evil politicians used wonderful machines – surprise ! – for war. But wonderful machines, being soulless, suddenly, revolted and killed all the people. Being in despair, the inventor made nine fabric dolls and transplanted his own soul into them, so that dolls could correct bad things. Eight dolls had awoke straight away, but the ninth - in the beginning of the film, as the film is obviously about the adventures of the nine.

The plot is very similar to “Terminator” – purely malicious “Skynet”, but only in a steam-punk style, without PC. The same good scientists, that tried what would be best, the same revolted mechanisms. Damned politicians and stupid militaries – of course it is their fault !

It seems that the story was written by a Lady. Because only in Ladies’ minds a good and sensitive scientist invents hydrogen bombs for peace in the world, but evil militaries try to use them with cruel intentions in mind. It is in ladies’ minds that the winners are not agile and strong heroes, but purposeless freaks. Mother’s instincts tell Ladies, that being the first is dangerous, and because of that the heroes are always freaks. But if someone would show knife skills, surely it will be Lady.

Let’s step away from the plot. The film looks amazing. It was made by an architect, therefore design and action is on a high level. Architect made postapoplectic horrors properly, the way they should be.

Characters were created with love. The design of brutalized mechanism gets mark „5” ! Brisk action – as it shoud be, in some parts you can’t rip your eyes off the screen. Considering the length, which is 80 minutes, the result is amazaing and up-to-date !

Unfortunately, the characters lack the depth and their motivations are not sound enough. From an adult’s perspective it is a disadvantage, but from audience’s point of view, which is mainly children and teenagers, it is an advantage.

I recommend you to watch this film.

p.s. You can find official trailer here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnoJecu9e7c

p.s.s. Sorry for my English - I'm learning how to write better.


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