Thursday, 29 October 2009
Little sketch story, nothing special.

Funeral. I have image in my head, about funeral in the coral kingdom. I'm trying to think how to depict the whole atmosphere of ocean, different sea creatures, plants, dark depth, ( not necessary : submarine ). Why ? I think it is very dramatic moment. When somebody dies it concerns and touches only people from his close circle. The rest of the world keeps living their own lives without knowing or caring about it. Also, I think, this scene has own energy and power.
This man has deserved to be buried in wonderful place under the Ocean in Coral Kingdom.
Expedition. Far away Nautilus and crew. On the foreground, corals, creatures, plants, and some rocks with cave. In cave red, or yellow eyes.
Nautilus. Truth ? Nope, just another sketch.
Cabines, and space of submarine. I have picture in my head, but still can't draw it properly, even sketch.
I will try to make postapocaliptic view of this. How ? Don't know :S work, work, work and God will help me.


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