Self-portrait - work in progress

Sunday, 11 October 2009
We are like a mirror fragments and through the entire life we are trying to connect them together into a whole. Broken mirror represents an undeveloped identity. Every fragment has it's own inner power an engergy and it takes a great application of strength to connect them together. Identity is like a broken glass - we are trying to develop it and make solid. Someday it will probably be solid, but not now.


tutorphil said...

Hi Alex,

As I said after the documentary today, I think the notion of a fragmented identity is strong, but that you need to consider the 'depth' and spatiality of the image, because here, in your preparatory portrait, the 'identity space' doesn't feel 'deep'.

Also, I notice that the image of yourself that you have used depicts you in a state of melancholy or distress; I wonder if maybe you should consider being more neutral in the image, as the fracturing of the mirror contains the message, and not your emotional state - or am I wrong? There is a suggestion of some mental illness in this image; that the fractured state is BECAUSE of the mood of the subject - but aren't you trying to suggest that we begin broken, and that we must bring ourselves together over time? Just a thought. I therefore suggest that you also consider the component images of your face - do you need to look so miserable? Is that mood essential to your concept, or should it be just an aspect - an image perhaps on one shard of glass, but with different aspects on the others?

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