Thursday, 1 October 2009
#I've decided to make a self-portrait from my blood. Place it between two medical glasses and make a head shape.So that no one can manipulate with it. At the background I wanted to set a guitar and sheets of paper.
I spoke with Alan about this.
He is right, there is no point in this.I need reflect my identity. It is hard to make strong argument about this ( What am I trying to say ? ) He suggested to not mix philosophy and medicine.
Thanks to Alan.
I moved on.

# Many changes have occured in my life. Eternal search of my soul led me here in UCA. I've changed many professions, from musician to aid man, from aid man to IT worker etc. I will try to deflect this changes on my self-portrait.

White made of cloth background, black chair, on the back of the chair doctor's smock, on the chair [or near] - guitar. And list with signature and shape on it. Broken pencil on it which instead of full stop made a spread comma.
Agree, not the best description, but it is like sketch, only in my head all is clear.
Something like that...


tutorphil said...

Hi Alex,

Some suggestions for you - without using the word 'crap' :-) From reading your blog, it would seem that 'change' is a big part of your identity - a restlessness - a series of transformations or evolutions; all of these things suggest movement, dynamism - some kind of process, something time-based; can I suggest you look at the following artists for a possible way of communicating the forward motion of your 'search' for an identity; consider Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Marcel Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase' - also Franz Marc... Let me know what you think?

anewman said...

Can you explain me this painting ? I can not understand it, and after a 10 minutes my head start hurting.

Maybe dynamism is not a good idea to express myself, but I'll try work more spontaneously and not make a construction and logical structures.

tutorphil said...

The painting is an attempt to convey the dynamism of the cyclist in motion - for a more clearly described image, consider

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