Major Project - Development#6

Friday, 9 March 2012
Trying to push design forward. The example above is not bad visually, but I have no idea what are those things(brownish) are going to be.


tutorphil said...

I don't think their 'use' is too important, but maybe they just need to be more bone-like (as in the long leg or arm bone) to give them parity with the theme? Coming on though, Alex :) You know the previous design - the one with the dome-like shape - maybe that could be the shape of this structure behind this front tower? Perhaps you could consider turning this tower on profile and seeing how that design might helpfully extend the structure?

anewman said...

It is hard to judge what is it yet. It can be bone-structure or something else. It is only shape.
About "dom-like" shape. Alan and I spoke about this, that I could combine both designs and see. However, I've tried it already and I don't like the result, maybe I can change view or work more. Anyway, that version will be upload!
At the moment I'm drawing different shapes, combining things, looking for the best result.

tutorphil said...

then keep going, Alex - because things are getting interesting! :)

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