Major Project - Development#2

Saturday, 3 March 2012


tutorphil said...

Hey Alex,

In terms of your 'cathedral' - I'm just wondering if the over-riding form is actually deriving from anything likely to generate an innovative, but innovative architectural form? It seems to me at least, that your design code is haunted by a rather conventional view of architecture generally. The idea of some grand cathedral/palace deriving from bones etc. is fine - because it's a style choice ultimately - but I can't help observe that so far your architectural explorations have been very literal and 'European' (and 'real world' for that matter). When I think about bleached bones and carcasses, I think immediately of rib-cages - and rib-cages are sooo architectural (they protect the soft organs inside), and yet a rib-cage would instantly move you away from this traditional cruciform view of otherworldly, high-fantasy architecture: Take a look at this:

and then take a look at these:,1175477351,2/stock-photo-wooden-ship-in-drydock-under-construction-2991619.jpg

and now see the ideas combined:

anewman said...

If you want rib-cage I'll try to make rib-cage.

tutorphil said...

Don't be pissy, Alex - and I'm getting tired of this passivity on your part. I don't 'want' a rib-cage, I'm just pushing you to be more speculative. You're encouraging disinterest in me because you'd rather mistake another person's generosity of feedback and ideas generation for a kind of creative imperialism. It is one thing to be highly innovative and stubborn - that's the privilege of genius - it is quite another to be middle-of-the-road and stubborn. You're not a genius, Alex. Not yet. How about you just try and create a design for a fantasy building that we haven't already seen before - start there, and maybe when you want to engage in a mature creative discussion let me know! ;)

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