OST - One of Many

Wednesday, 14 September 2011
I've written and recorded in collaboration with my friend Igor Ljapin a soundtrack for my future animation (minor project One of Many). Thanks to Vladimir Skrebnev and Igor Lumbe for the Studio.



Crashik said...

Mega :)

tutorphil said...

very evocative, Alex. I like it.

Now listen to me very carefully, because this really is the voice of experience talking. You've obviously developed your 'One Of Many' idea to an advanced degree, with environments designed and modelled, character studies and vehicles etc. Obviously, this is positive, but you need to think about how you now introduce your idea to your tutors. Be sensible and be professional. You are going to need to pitch your idea. I suggest - very strongly (it's an order, actually), that when you come to your first tutorial re. the minor project, you do so with a complete animatic - yes - a complete animatic. You need to sell your idea, and yourself as someone who fully understands and appreciates the challenges of the task they've set themselves. Get this moment right, Alex. It's vital.

anewman said...

Point taken.

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