Story : ballet-dancer, parcel tape, desert Island

Monday, 15 February 2010

An old toy shop has been in this town for many years and it was not the first time when a magic unbelievable story happened here.

A small snowy town with a little toy shop in the centre. The wind picks up a snowflake and sends it into a little journey. The snowflake flies into the toy shop through a small side window which was left open. The snowflake doesn’t melt and falls down in front of a toy. It is a ballet-dancer, one of the most beautiful in the world. She has got a sad look in her eyes which are directed to the opposite shelf. There stands a soldier and he is looking at her too. Their stares lure them to each other. The snowflake has already melted down and turned into a little puddle.

Soldier and ballet-dancer fall into their dreamland. They are dreaming about a desert Island where they can be alone and no one can interrupt their peace. The ballet-dancer is dancing and then falls into the soldier’s arms. They kiss.

Suddenly she disappears. The soldier opens his eyes and discovers that the ballet-dancer is gone. He tries to find her on the shelves but she isn’t there. Then he sees that she is put into the box by the seller.

There is a sound of parcel tape.

The door closes and the flow of snowflakes bursts into the shop. One of them falls on the soldier’s head. Water drops start falling from his eyes.

The poor soldier, with his head hanged down, is left alone on his shelf.

The End


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