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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Does it work visually ?


tutorphil said...

The only issue that might reveal itself is again an issue of scale; right now, with nothing to give me the scale of the building, the texturing and corrugation on the surfaces could suggest that your building is smaller than it is - it's like looking at a model on a table-top - but I don't think this should cause you too much anxiety because putting it into the scene and pov of camera etc are all things you're yet to do. I think you should just keep going - it's certainly looking like a fascinating, grim and prison-like structure and that's all good! You'll need to place it in an environment to check its effectiveness as an 'epic' structure - but just keep at it :)

anewman said...

My only concern was the pattern of the structures. Because the top 5 have different pattern from the bottom 5. You didn't mention this, then I assume it is working.

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