Major Project - Failure*

Friday, 18 May 2012
Well, I couldn't set rendering project today. First of all it was absolutely impossible to set lighting, because I couldn't make renders - scene is really heavy. Alan gave me good hint to apply Lambert to everything and make lighting. However, I need to tweak it after I apply back all textures. Also, I will need to break every scene to passes and try to render. Next time I will be more mindful.

It is just statement of fact. Trying hard.

P.S. Big thanks to tutor Alan for the Help!


tutorphil said...

Hey Alex,

With one week still to go - and a weekend - I assume that all is not lost, and it sounds too as if you're learning some valuable lessons for the future. Any how, take it easy, think strategically and plan, plan, plan and I'm sure all will be well.

anewman said...

Yes, I've learnt a lot. First of all to think and think over things. Because I believe there are more reefs out there that I'm not aware of.

Yes, I'm thinking strategically as much as possible. I think there is something that can help me. Otherwise, I'm skeptical, because final shot renders ~2-3hours per frame. This is something stupid and insane! But this is because I didn't do something right or did something wrong. Anyway, I will figure out - there is no other option for me.

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