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Monday, 16 January 2012

I couldn't finish my project. My rig doesn't work. When I switch IK|FK it distorts mesh. Therefore I cannot animate and cannot pose it for my project. Without character it looks incomplete.

I don't see the point doing skinning etc. The problem is caused by the rotation of joints. It is better to do this again, than redoing or trying to fix it. Obviously, I don't have time to do it.

I took the Dummy character from Digital Tutors DVD  to use for the pre-viz, with the texture etc. However, everything else is ready. Complete animated environments for this particular project, designed and animated interfaces for the Wheel environment and Chair room, camera movements, and some animation of the Dummy character, music and sfx.

The question is what should I present then ? Rendered environments with wireframes and pre-viz ? Is it enough? Of course, aside from paperwork.

Let me know, what do you think. 


tutorphil said...

Hey Alex,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing some last minute gremlins. All I can suggest in the circumstances is that you aspire to put together a coherent submission that best reflects your original intentions and makes they very best of your existing assets - even though you can't quite bring them together as planned. I imagine you're feeling disheartened, but keep it professional and resolve the very best solution to this challenge. Stay positive.

Alan Postings said...

Hi Alex

The best course of action is to put togther a 'package' that reflects your project intentions - A 'super making of...' with time based media (Demo reel shots). Seperate the package into parts. Such as;

Part 1: Concept, Concept Art & Design, Animatic & Pre-Viz.

Part 2: The Technical Breakdown - Static shots explaining how the design transitioned into 3D models, textures, lighting, effects etc.

Part 3: Time based & Demo Reel - Aspect such as character turnarounds, environment shots (possible camera pans etc) to show off the work. Add sound effects if possible. Make us much as you can out of your current work. Keep a cool head and make this as refined as possible.

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