Monday, 22 March 2010
Ebullient Tuba


Orchestra/ensemble performs melancholic composition. There is a Tuba among the different instruments, “who” is dissatisfied with the music. It discords with her mood.


She starts dreaming. In her dream she is performing exciting music on the stage. It is so exciting for her, that she forgets about the orchestra/ensemble.


After dreaming she realizes that all her performance was for real. Tuba finds herself in a confusing situation. All instruments are starring at her in perplexity.


This is my three act story. It is short, but there will be a lot of action, especially in act 2. I figure on composing a small composition for my second act. This will give me more freedom in the animation.


tutorphil said...

Interim Online Review 23/03/10

Afternoon Alex (the 'dark duke' (of Estonia)),

Your 3 act story idea is simple, neat and provides the perfect structure for your 'Ebullient Tuba'. You and I have already talked regarding the ways in which you can 'free up' your character via 'rubber hose' stylisation and I encourage you further to really push your style - exaggeration is essential. I look forward to seeing new character designs from you and a resolved storyboard/animatic - and soon. I'm very excited that you will be composing something especially - be sure to blog about it - and be sure to make more of your blog as I'm running out of polite ways to ask you to improve this aspect of your workflow. If you're self-censoring - stop it - and if you're not doing it because you think it's not important, you're mistaken - and if you're not doing it because you forget to do it, put a post-it note on your computer that says 'BLOG MY CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT'. I don't see any reviews of the films you've watched after the first session - in all seriousness - that's unacceptable; do as the brief asks you, Alex - or you'll simply lose marks. Besides I want to know what you think about the stuff you're shown - that is the point after all.

Please see following post for advice re. the proper relationship between your introduction and the main body of your essay.

tutorphil said...

Use your introduction* to state clearly the investigative intention of your written assignment and the means by which you are going to support your discussion; for instance:

‘This essay will investigate the animated films of The Brothers Quay in relation to Freud’s theory of the Uncanny - with particular focus on Street of Crocodiles (1986) and The Comb (1990)…


‘The stop-motion animator, Ray Harryhausen is arguably the father of modern day cinematic fantasy. What follows is an investigation of his life and work in relation to the development of special effects…’

Stylistically, it is often clarifying to begin with a key-note quote or bench mark statement that sets the scene for the discussion… for instance:

‘… the Brothers Quay's works are independent of any definable genre; indeed, the imitation of their unique style which can be observed in films of other animators are a complimentary gesture to the auteur style they have developed. Throughout their opus, a continuity can be observed - Quays' devotion to the marginal, the nobody and the unnoticed, elevated into the sublime…’ (Buchan: 1996)

In her essay, Shifting Realities – The Brothers Quay – Between Live Action and Animation, Suzanne Buchan observes that other animators have imitated the unique style of the Brothers Quay. This investigation seeks to trace that influence by comparing their short 1986 film, Street of Crocodiles with Henry Selick’s Coraline (2009)…

* If you can’t provide a succinct introduction for your discussion, chances are you’re not quite ready to write the essay. You need to make your argument clear – without one, you are submitting a ‘blancmange’.

When referring to a film for the first time, always give proper title (with capital letters!), release date and director; after that, you can use title only. Please check spelling of film title – if it’s a made-up word, the spell check won’t know the difference!

When referring to a person for the first time, use full name – after that, use surname only.

You must use Harvard Method for quotations!

Use footnotes for ‘additional’ information that is important or contextualizing but ‘outside’ of the main body of the essay.

Please double-space your written assignments!

You must provide a paper-copy at time of crit!

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