Essay research - Matrix Production Design #2

Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Matrix : film manufacturing.
Very interesting film, about matrix reload and matrix revolution creation. Interview with Owen Paterson who is the production designer of this film and his crew. Also, there are interviews with actors : Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving.

The most interesting in this is to learn about many unnoticeable people. Without them all magic in matrix would be impossible.

Also, I have read articles about this film in the Internet. Generally, about meanings and philosophy. Why all scenes look exactly how they look. For example, when Neo meets Seraph - he glows in gold. Why ? In Buddha religion - the enlightened man glows in gold...


Jackie said...

Hi Alex, Just directing you back to an earlier post (Atlantis-Scene... the night of the emergency! :)
Phil has now posted some more general advice about the Perception essay - hope this helps! Jackie

anewman said...

Thank you Jackie, I've seen it. And thank you for your help. I think step by steo I will finish it !

Jackie said...

You will get there in the end, I am sure!

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Nice Images Alex,

your ones that is. in the Atlantean scene the explosion accually seems like it is genuinely underwater.... good work.

Hope the whole ambulance thing wasn't as dramatic as it read.

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