Major Project - Tentacle more refined look

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I decided to make it black. However, changes are possible! It took me one day to make, but I've learnt many new things. (2,3 and pre-last attempts are failed because of the computer problems [physical dump errors - graphic card] and I'm still excited and positive - amazing!)

p.s. It doesn't have displacement map


tutorphil said...

it does look a little 'mass-produced' and engineered and sci-fi now - though i don't hate it - I just think some of the organicism has fallen away. Bit too early to make judgements - having a sky plane would help to clarify I think + many more tentacles... (and colour of building itself...)

anewman said...

Agree. There are a lot of changes to be done and a lot of work to do.

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