Monday, 22 August 2011

Continued working on the house. Almost done with the environment. Working on the character.


tutorphil said...

Hey Dark Duke! How goes it? Lots of activity on here - I just want to sound a note of caution here; you're obviously pushing your minor project on very far and very fast - which is commendable, but please don't seal off your idea from feedback. You know this. You know the importance of allowing your ideas time to develop and finesse. It would be good to see a summary post on here in which you clearly unpack your intentions etc. I'm sure all is cool, but if you're dealing with narrative/time-based media etc. - these things often benefit from building a formative relationship with peers and audience.

anewman said...

Hey Phil! Sure, I will do this a little bit later. A lot of studying here :)

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