Work Placement - Review

Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Currently I'm working in Butch Auntie company as a part of my workplacement project. Butch Auntie is an Audio Visual company. Mainly, they are doing visual projection for various live events. I was involved in different kind of projects - one of them - Cotton Club.

I've produced some "ribbon" piano visuals for this event.

Few tests.

Included into event.

Currently I'm working on Cream Ibiza project. This is most exciting project for me. I improved my skills with the After Effect software and Next Limit Realflow.

I like working in this company. Everything is fast: you did something, immediately received feedback and then doing or redoing again something. Never the same, every day new challenges. It is exciting to work like this

I'll try to show everything I've done after they allow us to post information in our personal blogs.


Lev said...

So you created the piano :-). Was a good idea :-D

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