Syrus - WIP

Monday, 15 November 2010
 I've started modelling my own head. It was challenging even after cartoon character. I've tried various methods and finally found one.
On this screen he looks like gorilla.
 This one wrong and without ear.
 Insect like.

 Finally, I've got something that looks more like human, mm, maybe mutant human.
 Ear is the most annoying thing, but I'm glad I could make it.And found a really quick way to do.
 I've tried different types of heads, I know that they are all wrong, but
1. I don't have time for perfectionism
2. I don't have enough knowledge
3.I don't have time and already don't care.
 Hands. Indeed.
 I know it is WIP, but I wanted to connect everything and look at him.
 I think today-tomorrow he will be finished!
I also need change neck and work on the head more.

Well, I need UV him and try to rig. Maybe in the last few days, maybe not.

P.s. I know, that heads are not perfect, I know they are ugliest thing you ever seen, but I this is probably best I could do...for now.


Nik said...

Sorry to post it here (you can delete it, if you want). I really like the way things progressed comparing to the last year.
About the character. The face is of a beauty queen for a pirate, but his head is a bit too big and he's got hands of a virgin, especially when compared to his face. Of course, take in mind, I know nothing about 3d modelling, so it's just an outside view (or a way of saying that "I'm watchin' ya" :)
Your friend and follower,

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