Mushroom life cycle

Thursday, 6 May 2010
Project details:
I need to produce animation: basidiomycetes' (a group of mushroom) life cycle, for a particular audience of my choice.

I've chosen the first year of Biochemistry, Gene engeneering courses for my audience. As an example I've chosen Tartu University - a well-known university in Europe. Therefore, the animation will have an informative and simple bias. I decided to use textures of microscopic scale, infrared and X-ray with elements of glowing. (for tutors : something like in Alex's work). To conclude, I want to produce something that is based not on high texturing and realism, but on wise camera work, style and information.

1. germination of spores -> creation of haploid mycelia
2. generation of dycarioutic mycelium
3. growth of mycelia (3D camera journey)
4. growth of mushroom body -> gills zoom in
5. basidia -> merge of nuclei -> meiosis -> 4 nuclei in spores
6. dispersal -> 1.
The end.


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