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Monday, 12 April 2010
I've changed a concept, - the tuba character will dance. It's a good chance to disprove the idea: Born to creep, can not fly. :P I know this is stupid, but I don't care.




tutorphil said...

It's the 'dark duke' - he has returned!

Seriously - I really like the opening act - very funny because it's very sombre and still and it made me laugh. Not sure about the transition into the dream via the 'bubble'- though, if you're going to animate the development of the bubble as it emanates from the unhappy tuba, this could work; in act 3, I assume the red is the tuba blushing with embarrassment - but, in order for the audience to understand this, when we cut back to the reality of the classical recital, the tuba should still be 'rocking out' - otherwise it's not clear if the behaviour was happening for real (and so motivating the tuba's embarrassment), or whether it was dreamed. Also, the tuba's antics when it 'rocks out' could have more shot variety (I know this is only pre-viz, so forgive me if I'm jumping the gun), but I think you could have more fun and push it further - make it bounce on its tail, for instance or similar... generally, however, I think your animation has loads of potential to be very effective - and I very much like the use of the sombre music - very comedic in this context.

tutorphil said...

oh yeah - I'm writing this in the cg office and, behind me, there's a huge pile of animation paper - which I think is yours... is this a problem?

Jackie said...

I love the first act where the tuba is hanging his head between the sombre sections of music - he looks so depressed and sad! :(

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