Thursday, 10 December 2009

Repulsion is a 1965 film directed by Roman Polanski. It is widely considered a masterpiece of the psychological thriller and horror genres. The masterfully delivered shocks to the audience, sense of claustrophobia due to close camera position, and feelings of ambiguity. Repulsion is a stressful and heavy film. The story tells us about young girl, Carol, who seems out of this world, is left alone in the apartment where she lives with her sister when her sister goes on with her married boyfriend. Left alone, Carol slowly descends into madness, with tragic consequences.

The elements of horror and psychological thriller are skillfully represented here. The dark corridors and shapeshifting rooms are very atmospheric and frightening. The sudden moments make you shudder. From the beginning it is clear that with Carol’s head (brilliantly played by Catherine Deneuve) is something wrong. It becomes clear when she is left alone and her behavior is evolving into hallucinogenic madness. The walls come alive, she is assaulted by imaginary man, and the apartment also degenerates along with her mind.

The film itself leaves you with strange feelings. First of all, the monotonous and slow actions are themselves irritating and demand patience. Secondly, the whole story about this paranoiac girl is unpleasant to watch. But somehow the film holds your attention and doesn’t release until the very end. Also, the intriguing feature is that Roman Polanski doesn’t give us explanation to Carol’s madness. You have many doubts and guesses about Carol’s personality. Who is she? A maniac, or a victim of some past trauma. She looks like alien in this world, a strange character with deprivation of feelings and emotions.

It happened that this film is a part of my cultural progress, and I needed to watch it. Thank you, mighty tutor Phil and University. Because in normal situation I would never, even try, to watch this film. I’m really not interested in the maniac paroxysm of a strange girl and her stupid behavior. But after all film left me with different feelings from hatred to desperation. I think the film is really masterpiece because he is able to affect on people’s mind in this way. I think every one should watch it for cultural growth.


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